Dear Sharon Democrat, 

         As Senator Chris Murphy said, “this election is about saving our Democracy.” Please encourage every member of your family to vote - your spouse, your children and your parents. We need every single vote this year. 

Election Day is Tuesday, November 6th. Polls are open from 6am to 8pm

at the Sharon Town Hall, 2nd Floor 

         Electing Jahana Hayes to Congress is the only way we can change Washington to save the environment, healthcare and Social Security.

 Re-electing our Senator Chris Murphy will help us get a majority in the Senate. 

         We have wonderful State candidates too. By electing Maria Horn and David Lawson, we could have more Democratic seats in the legislature in Hartford. 

         There are two ballot questions to amend the Connecticut Constitution.

We have paraphrased them here

1. The first proposed amendment concerns the Connecticut Transportation Fund and requires that all funds received and held by the Special Transportation Fund be used solely for transportation purposes. 

2. The second proposed amendment concerns Connecticut Property in land, buildings, or other, and requires that any proposal to sell or transfer such property must first be subject to a public hearing to allow for public comment. 

The majority of the members of the Democratic Town Committee recommend voting YES on both amendments. 

Will you be away or is a member of your family out of town on Election Day? Please vote by Absentee Ballot and encourage your family members too.

1.  A simple way is to call the Town Clerk at 860 364 5224 and ask for an Application for an Absentee Ballot. OR you can walk into the Town Clerk’s office and fill in an application and get your ballot to vote immediately.

2.  You can download an Application for an Absentee Ballot at www. Sharondtc.org, select Absentee Ballot, fill in the application, choose print at 70% scale and mail it to the Town Clerk at PO Box 224, Sharon CT 06069. She will send you a ballot.


Please do NOT miss this Election.

Paid for by Sharon DTC, Eliza Klose, treasurer

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Connecticut Democrats have a commitment to rebuild prosperity and restore opportunity for all the people.  From town meetings, to city halls, from the Governor's Mansion to Congress and the White House.  Connecticut Democrats will listen and lead, always on the side of people striving for good jobs at good wages, quality healt care, educational excellence, strong fiscal management, and equality of opportunity.

The Sharon Democratic Town Committee is committed to upholding these values and believes that the role of local government is to provide opportunity for all citizens and security for those in need while remaining fiscally responsible and accountable to the public.  We commit ourselves to improving the quality of life in Sharon and to upholding the state and national party rules.

The Sharon Democratic Town Committee meets quarterly  to discuss party business.  Other special meetings and caucuses are held as needed especially during a Municipal election year.  At our meetings we also work to nominate Sharon Democrats to elected and appointed positions.  If you want to attend a meeting, have a question about an issue or are interested in serving your town as member of a board or commission, please contact our Chair.

                                                                Chair: Nancy Green

(To send an email to Nancy, click Here)

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